Reducing emissions

As a manufacturing enterprise that uses large amounts of energy to produce its products, especially for the manufacturing of glass containers, our responsibility toward the environment has for many years centered on efficient energy consumption and the avoidance of emissions, particularly CO2e emissions. Consequently, since the financial year 2008, we have defined and followed up on a CO2e emissions target, which is verified through participation in one of the world’s largest environmental initiatives, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Our target

To reduce our carbon footprint, we have set the target to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by 2030 compared to the 2019 baseline. Our CO2e reduction target is in line with the Paris Climate Convention and the 1.5°C target of the IPCC Special Report.

Our approach

Today, a large part of our Scope 1 (direct) and 2 (indirect) emissions result from the extent of our fuel, electricity, heating and cooling energy consumption. Scope 1 energy consumption includes non-renewable sources such as natural gas, liquefied natural gas, diesel and light oil, of which natural gas accounts for the largest share. In addition, the amount of electricity and heat purchased forms our Scope 2 energy consumption.

The most important levers for our CO2e reduction path that we will tackle are:

  • Furnace technologies: We have set-up a technology roadmap for our moulded glass furnaces to make significant technological step changes with every furnace rebuild in the coming ten years
  • Energy efficiency: When making new investment decisions, energy efficiency will be an important aspect for our decision
  • 100% renewable energy: We will switch to 100% renewable energy by 2030. (à link to page “Energy”)
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Gerresheimer is one of a total of 19 glass producers who have joined forces in a project with the aim of achieving climate-neutral glass production.



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