We care about sustainable cosmetic packaging

The cosmetic industry is a forerunner in taking steps towards sustainable development. Both brands and consumers emphasize the importance of the environmental and social impacts of cosmetic products. Consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability and incorporate it into their buying decisions.

With our own ambitious sustainability goals set, Gerresheimer is constantly improving the efficiency of our processes and investing in sustainable technology. All with the objective of becoming a leading sustainable solutions provider.

Learn more about the Gerresheimer sustainability strategy, and our progress towards our targets.

可持续性包装设计 - Gerresheimer AG

Let us rethink the product packaging system together

With our sustainability initiatives and through the continuous evaluation of eco-design potentials, we support your strategic sustainability priorities for sustainable product packaging solutions.

Sustainability is a team effort, where all parties along the lifecycle need to work together. Close collaboration with you is the key towards more sustainable packaging solutions. In order to achieve that, we need to accompany the product packaging idea from the earliest stage possible. The earlier you include us into the design process, the more decisions we can take together with regards to how sustainable aspects can be incorporated in a creative way.

Examples in the design process with strong leverage effect on sustainability:

PCR materials Design for less Decoration  



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