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Who do you want to be?

At Gerresheimer there are lots of options who you can be. Do you want to do a student internship to get an early feeling of the working world? Would you like to start an apprenticeship right after finishing your school – possibly in a technical, IT-based or commercial profession? Or do you want to save yourself a spot in a dual study program? We have a match!

We offer you a save professional home, meaningful tasks and suitable entry possibilities at our locations in

Dusseldorf ++ Essen ++ Tettau ++ Wackersdorf (close to Regensburg) ++ Lohr (close to Wurzburg) and Bunde (close to Osnabruck/Bielefeld).

What happens, after you got part of the team? You can look forward to an intensive mentoring program and a professional apprenticeship packed with variety. We want our young talents to be successful and satisfied. Because they are the future of Gerresheimer. By the way: We recruit according to our needs and have a hiring rate of the apprentices of nearly 100%. Meaning: Are you committed, we plan a long-term relation with you.

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Dual study program
Dual study program
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