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Focus on green energy

The production of plastic and glass packaging is energy intensive. In particular, the firing and melting processes in our high-temperature glass melting furnaces are major drivers of our consumption. It is our clear goal to both improve our energy efficiency in our processes and to minimize climate-damaging CO2 emissions. The use of efficient technologies and the switch to renewable energies, especially electricity, are key pillars of our approach.

Our target

By 2030 100% of our electricity consumption will be coming from renewable sources.

Our approach

In 2023, nine of our locations already obtained 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. Eleven other locations procure a proportion of their electricity from renewable sources.  When switching to renewable electricity, we take into account the quality criteria of the GHG Protocol as a reference framework for selecting suitable procurement options and instruments. In addition to the energy transition, we are committed to continuously improving the energy efficiency of our production processes. To date, we have introduced an ISO 50001-certified management system at fourteen of our 35 production sites.  

Gerresheimer Zaragoza
Our Spanish plant has always had among its objectives to care about the environment.
Gx Boleslawiec switches to 100% renewable electricity
From this business year onwards our polish colleagues in Gx Boleslawiec will be using 100% electricity from renewable sources to minimize the impact…



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