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Internship and working students

With us your future is crystal clear!

What do you think about getting thrilling insights into a company? Along with awesome characters, great stories and unforgettable impressions? Working as an intern or working student makes you the main role in your success story. You won’t only watch from the outside, but will be a valuable team member who realizes results with your own work.

Discover a fascinating world full of remarkable technologies and international business relations!

Deep dive: as an intern or a working student

We offer students the possibility to complete a full-time internship with a technical or non-technical focus at almost all our locations. You will learn the most important processes, have varied daily business, be part of exciting projects and the best – you top up your account in the meantime. Before it ends, we will have a chat and provide you with honest feedback (what you of course may return). Are you enthusiastic and are we too? Maybe we consider you joining out team again after you graduated.

Current Internships

As a working student you can involve yourself during your studies or even in your semester break. Especially, when you are completing a technical or scientific study.

Current job openings for Working Students

Either way, we are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Ben Venhaus

Working student Human Resources, Dusseldorf

”As a working student at the headquarters of Gerresheimer, I have lots of different and exciting tasks. Despite my title, I early received a lot of responsibility and due to the flexible working hours I can perfectly combine my studies with my work.”

Vera Attenhauser

Working student Human Resources, Regensburg

“While working as a working student for Gerresheimer I gain a lot of practical experience in different areas of the HR department. Thus, I can combine the theoretical knowledge of my studies with the practice. From the beginning, I got responsible tasks. Moreover, I highly value the collaboration and team spirit.“

Johannes Seidl

Intern Human Resources, Regensburg

“The internship at Gerresheimer is a great first insight into the professional life. My expectations have been exceeded, I have the chance to dive into the HR department and apply my theoretical knowledge, take on own projects and work in an enjoyable atmosphere. I especially like the mentoring and appreciation that I receive from my colleagues every day.”





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