Sustainability management - Gerresheimer

Strong anchoring and alignment

We believe that strong anchoring and alignment on sustainability are key to become a sustainable company. This means to involve interdisciplinary and cross-divisional experts.

Our Sustainability Council under the leadership of our CFO ensures that we have a joint framework and a common understanding of our sustainability strategy within our international and diverse business environment. The work of the council ensures that we have a continuous calibration of corporate, operational, financial and technical views on sustainability, and that our business model is continuously reviewed with regard to current and future sustainability issues.

On corporate level, we brought the responsibilities for Operational Excellence (OPEX) including our Gerresheimer Management System (GMS), Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) into one central department. With that, we drive an integrated, strategy-driven and holistic approach on all three topics and achieve synergies by pooling expertise and resources.



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