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Recycling and waste

We make a contribution to reducing the global volume of waste by designing our processes and using materials in a way that conserves resources and by developing new, sustainable products in the spirit of the circular economy.

As a manufacturing company, we generate waste as part of our production processes.  We want to reuse or recycle this waste in line with the circular economy approach and in accordance with the European waste hierarchy, and to avoid disposal in landfills at all costs. Knowing that many of these wastes can be potential source materials for the production of new, different products, we want to be proactive.

Our overriding goal is to keep our waste generation as low as possible. At the same time, we want to minimize the impact of our production waste

Our target

By 2028, we aim to reduce our waste to landfill from production to 0%. At the same time, we aim to reduce the proportion of incineration to enable material use in the sense of a circular economy.

Our approach

The avoidance of scrap and, if possible and permissible due to regulatory requirements, the reuse of scrap in our own production process as an important pillar for reducing our overall waste volume. If this is not possible, we always try to find possible ways of using the by-products by transferring them to other uses.



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