Gerresheimer: On the path to sustainable profitable growth

  • Transformation into a growth value as innovation leader and solution provider
  • Gerresheimer presents strategy process formula G as an engine towards sustainable profitable growth
  • Over proportional growth will be achieved by expanding in high value solutions, digital applications and growth regions
  • Strategic investments in growth segments and unique business opportunities alongside a rigorous investment process
  • Guidance for 2020 confirmed
  • Growth accelerating: From low-single in the past, to mid-single today into high-single-digit revenue growth for its core business and EPS growth of at least 10% mid-term

Duesseldorf, December 8, 2020 – At today’s virtual Capital Markets Day Gerresheimer presented its formula G strategy process and the levers for sustainable profitable growth. The Company described its high-value solutions, its investment plans, innovation and digitalization strategy and the ambitious sustainability goals. “We are transforming our Gerresheimer into a growth value as innovation leader and solution provider. That’s the core of our strategy process,” said Dietmar Siemssen, CEO of Gerresheimer AG. “Within our strategy process formula G we have set ambitious targets. With the right mindset for growth and by mobilizing the entire Company we will achieve the targets. Our new corporate design visualizes the new Gerresheimer, our growth mindset and our passion to innovate constantly for a better life. We are reinventing our Company. The transformation is on full steam and I am proud and excited to be part of it.”

Gerresheimer anticipates global megatrends for pharma and healthcare and serves the customers and patients worldwide with innovative solutions and the broadest portfolio of products and solutions. The increasing demand for general vaccinations and self-medication as well as the shift from small molecules to biologics and biosimilars will boost the market for injectables. Gerresheimer has leading market positions in injectable product solutions such as syringes, vials, pens and auto injection devices and will continue to be the partner of choice for pharma and healthcare.

With its global footprint and broad product portfolio, Gerresheimer is well positioned in attractive niche markets. Gerresheimer will expand its global business with focus on growth regions such as China, India and South-East Asia.

“We are exploiting excellent business opportunities. In order to benefit from foreseeable market dynamics we are investing ahead of the curve. Our investment plans include capital expenditures in unique business opportunities coming along with capacity expansions for injectables and contract manufacturing of an auto-injector. We expect cash capex to keep previous year’s level for 2021 and 2022 and converting it into high-single-digit revenue growth mid-term,” explained Dr. Bernd Metzner, CFO.

Innovative solutions will be a key driver for over proportional growth. Further expansion of the worldwide innovation and competence centers is scheduled, resulting in a global and connected network. “We are driving innovation and digitalization, clearly moving Gerresheimer into a digital and connected world. We will use the shift toward a more patient centric healthcare system to steer our Company into more innovative and digital business models”, said Dr. Lukas Burkhardt, member of the Management Board.

Ambitious sustainability targets complement the formula G growth strategy. “As well as cementing our position as a good corporate citizen, sustainability is both a growth lever and business opportunity for our Company. It is therefore an essential part of our strategy. We have defined very ambitious sustainability targets that set new industry standards,” explained Dietmar Siemssen.


Gerresheimer confirms the guidance for the financial year 2020 (FXN):

  • Revenue growth in the mid-single-digit percentage range
  • Adjusted EBITDA margin of around 21%
  • Capital expenditure amounting to roughly 12% of revenues

Forecast for the financial year 2021 (core business FXN):

  • Revenue growth in the mid-single-digit percentage range
  • Adjusted EBITDA margin between 22% to 23%
  • Adjusted EPS growth of around 10%

Mid-term (core business FXN):

  • Revenue growth of high-single-digit percentage growth
  • Adjusted EBITDA margin of around 23%
  • Adjusted EPS growth of 10% p.a. or more



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