Annual Report 2022


Quality in everything we do

At Gerresheimer, excellence takes a number of forms, both in the quality of our products and in our innovative production processes that make it possible to deliver quality in the first place. In the past financial year, we at Gerresheimer made further progress in this area, which is helping us to move forward. The satisfaction of our customers is our incentive and at the same time proof of our efforts to constantly increase quality.

Gx® RTF Vials

Twenty years ago, we launched a new market trend when we entered the world of RTF syringes. Within a decade, the filling of syringes had evolved globally from a bulk market (unsanitized, non-sterile primary packaging) to an RTF market (sanitized and sterile primary packaging). Now we are on the path to once again transform the market with a new standard for RTF vials.

Together with other market leaders, we are setting a new standard to make the filling and closure of vials simpler, safer and more cost-efficient. EZ-fill smart™ is compatible with existing filling systems, including ones used for syringes. 

Along with higher quality and simpler processing, we have also made major improvements in terms of costs and environmental sustainability through the use of innovative sterilization concepts, for example. The consistent avoidance of glass-to-glass or glass-to-metal contact, from the first step in production up to aseptic filling and closure, offers the highest attainable quality and eliminates the need to send vials through a sterilization tunnel at the filling plant.

Sterile Gx® RTF glass vials are also available in Elite quality. Thanks to process optimizations, these vials are cosmetically flawless and the glass is even more resilient. The quality of the vials has also been improved in terms of size, permitting faster speeds in the filling process.

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Smart factory for excellence

The transformation of our plants into future-ready smart factories is in full swing. We successfully completed a number of further projects in the financial year 2022. New data collection operations were introduced for production and inspection machines to improve the transparency of the production process. Some of these new data connections allow us to analyze data at the control level and visualize it live for the operators and specialists in production. The data is made available to the operator on dashboards in production or on tablets, which lets us quickly detect any issues on site and introduce countermeasures. Machine data connections will continue to be in focus in the financial year 2023.

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