OJESH Pro Regeneration – Opal glass packaging by Gerresheimer underlines the notion of luxury

OJESH Pro Regeneration

Duesseldorf/Tettau/Momignies, December 15, 2021. Jassen GmbH chooses Gerresheimer for its new OJESH Pro Regeneration skincare series.

The young German luxury skincare brand OJESH has recently launched their new Pro Regeneration creams series. The series consists of two face and one eye cream.  The 50ml and 15ml jars in opal glass perfectly reflect the luxurious formulations. The look of the jars convey high-value and a clean image. This underlines the philosophy of OJESH to combine innovations from nature and science and to become a synonym for beauty and care.

“We were looking for a packaging that reflects the high-quality and luxurious image of our OJESH brand and which protects at the same time the rich and highly effective natural ingredients of the formulation”, says Franziska Eichler, Head of R&D and Product Management at Jassen. “Gerresheimer was the optimal partner for us in the development of the design.” OJESH Pro Regeneration premium skincare series was the first joint project of Jassen and Gerresheimer. “We hope to extend our valuable partnership even further in the future”, underlines Stefan Müller, Sales Manager at Gerresheimer.

Gerresheimer is one of the leading opal glass producers in Europe. Opal glass is an opaque, milky-white glass.  Its timeless elegant optic appears porcelain like. Besides, opal glass packaging combines aesthetic and protective aspects.

Jassen GmbH was founded in 2008. The company develops and produces high-value skincare products at their headquarter in Nuernberg, Germany. Jassen is selling and marketing their products globally, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Gerresheimer provides glass packaging products that reflect beauty and aesthetic appeal for fragrances, skin care, body care and color cosmetics. Dedication to detail and quality combined with the competence in creative glass design and concept development are the reasons why Gerresheimer is a first choice partner. The company is at the customers’ side from idea generation to the launch of a tailor-made product.

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