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Annual Report 2022


Innovating for a better life

By developing smart digital health solutions to overcome the challenges facing the world at present and in the future, we can generate sustainable value, develop innovative solutions and improve quality of life for patients.

Innovation is a key driver at Gerresheimer and something that guarantees our future growth. That’s why Gerresheimer invests in innovations around the globe. We create the necessary structures, reward ideas and encourage all employees worldwide to bring their ideas to the table.

Innovation as a service

At Gerresheimer, the status quo is not enough. We strive to improve our existing processes through innovative ideas and technologies. We view innovation as a collaborative effort. Our global Innovation Management team encourages and helps employees, as innovators, to systematically plan, steer and evaluate innovations around the globe. Along with developing ideas, Innovation Management also focuses on the application of ideas and their transformation into commercially successful products and services, which we systematically model in an innovation process that comprises various tasks.

We view innovation as a service, both internally for our company and for our customers. With this in mind, we not only pursue our end-to-end innovation activities, but also support our customers in matters related to innovation such as idea campaigns. We are also developing a global partner network for the sustainable implementation of our strategy.

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Innovation and digital health solutions

Personalized healthcare is one of the key megatrends of our time. With it comes the need for new approaches and true innovations. Our digital solutions play a major role in improving treatment outcomes. They significantly improve quality of life for patients while simultaneously reducing treatment costs. Effective work processes and decision-making guidance at the point of care enable us to significantly improve treatment effectiveness, making us the strategic partner of choice for digital health and innovation projects in a customer-oriented, digital health ecosystem.

Gx Inbeneo®

Gx Inbeneo®  is the first Gerresheimer autoinjector platform. This innovation combines several elements and complements Gerresheimer solutions portfolio for delivery of injectables: micropumps, pre-fillable syringes and ready-to-fill vials.

Gx Inbeneo® is designed to host 1.5 or 3 ml cartridges filled with desired volume of medicines with elevated viscosity. Application of the cartridge as a primary container, enables needle separation from the drug during storage. This technical improvement addresses problems of common staked-in-needle prefilled syringes-based autoinjectors, such as needle clogging and tungsten and glue interaction with the drug.

Pharmaceutical companies and patients benefit from the development partnership  between Gerresheimer and Midas Pharma by having access to top-of-the-line solutions and services. The Gx Inbeneo® helps to build bridges from drugs to patients and represents a prime example of portfolio innovation and market development.

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Gx SensAir®

Gx SensAir® is a sustainable and adaptable platform developed by Gerresheimer to meet the growing demand for the subcutaneous delivery of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) in large volumes. Gx SensAir® is designed to facilitate home care for a wide range of indications and support digital treatment. The device can connect to the cloud by smartphone and communicate with healthcare providers. 

Gx SensAir® was developed in line with our eco design principles. The majority of Gx SensAir® devices are multi-use. Eliminating the need to dispose of the entire device after each treatment cycle has an impact on the device’s carbon footprint and treatment costs.

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Gerresheimer is digitalizing the inhalation process and helping improve treatment outcomes for COPD and asthma patients with our innovative Respimetrix device.

Respimetrix is compatible with various pressurized metered dose inhalers. It measures the patient’s inhalation flow rate while the prescribed drug is administered. Data recorded during the process is visualized in digital form in an app on the patient’s smartphone. Using the data recorded, attending physicians and disease managers can then teach their patients how to correctly administer the drug and monitor or adjust treatment as necessary.

With the Respimetrix device, Gerresheimer has established a digital, data-driven business model that can be used to treat the growing incidence of lung disease around the globe.

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Traceability solutions

In the world of pharma 4.0, Gerresheimer is positioning itself as a key solution provider for smart, networked systems. Fitted with an ID, our primary packaging can be unequivocally identified and seamlessly traced along the entire supply chain from the very beginning with a digital twin. 

This full transparency makes processes more efficient and counterfeit products harder to produce. In addition, the pharma industry can prevent any catastrophic drug switches and uncover and fix any sources of error in production right away. Last but not least, our customers and the regulatory authorities are increasingly demanding more transparency and traceability.

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