Annual Report 2022


Value-based leadership as a success factor

Leadership is a key element of our formula g growth strategy. We can successfully achieve our ideas with a value-based management culture defined by participation, collaborative teamwork and trust. With a whole range of programs to promote internal talent, we are securing the next generation of managers for the future. A strong feedback culture with regular employee surveys ensures that we are on the right track.

Our TRIBE values — the basis for our teamwork

The way we embrace our management culture at Gerresheimer is reflected in our TRIBE values: Teamwork, Responsibility, Integrity, Bold Innovation and Excellence. Our management staff members are role models who embrace and sustainably develop the ONE Gerresheimer culture. In order to strengthen this role, we introduced a leadership program in 2020 that puts the TRIBE values at the heart of all leadership behavior. In the financial year 2022, we focused on personal leadership, particularly the purpose, impact and meaning of each individual’s work and the importance of a growth mindset culture. We plan to build on this in the financial year 2023 by focusing on organizational leadership. Our aim is to help managers motivate their employees and promote cross-divisional work.

In the long-term, we hope to strengthen our leadership culture through this program and make it visible to every employee within the organization. Our global Train the Trainer concept ensures that every member of the Gerresheimer family works to drive the cultural transformation with dedication, commitment and involvement.

Promoting talent and seizing potential

At Gerresheimer, we continuously work together to break down silos and promote our growth mindset. We strive to learn something new each day and view failure as an opportunity to improve. 
To ensure our high quality of leadership continues into the future, we are increasing our focus on promoting in-house talent. In-house programs such as formula GT for high-potential talent or the trainee program for recent graduates are helping us achieve this goal. In the financial year 2022, another trainee cohort successfully completed their program. The first cohort will complete the formula GT in-house talent promotion program in the financial year 2023. Later, new groups will start with both programs. 

The formula Operational Lead program, which focuses on successful leadership succession at our production plants, was also developed in the financial year 2022 and is now being rolled out. Because diversity plays a key role in leadership positions at Gerresheimer, we have also laid the foundation for the formula WE program, which helps women benefit from career advancement opportunities at Gerresheimer.

Through a variety of approaches, we ensure that our promising talents get the support they need to unlock their full potential at Gerresheimer.

Real-life feedback culture

Feedback plays an essential role in successful leadership that lives up to its full potential. In order to ensure we get feedback, we conduct extensive employee surveys and shorter snapshot surveys, alternating between the two each year. We work with our employees to derive and introduce measures based on the results of the surveys. As a result, we are also able to keep an eye on our leadership KPIs and promote an open feedback culture. For example, the survey asks employees how well their supervisors clearly communicate targets. It also looks into whether they regularly provide useful feedback and encourage employees to come up with and bring new ideas to the table.

Thanks to a number of local initiatives, we were able to increase participation in the snapshot survey from 66.2 % in the financial year 2020 to 74.7 % in the financial year 2022 — a major improvement that underscores how our efforts to change the culture at Gerresheimer are on the path to success.

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