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According to WHO, at least 1 billion people suffer from an eye disease.

One of the probably most sensational organ of the human body are the eyes. Visual perception, reception and processing of optical stimuli from our environment takes place via the eyes. Therefore, it is even worse for affected persons when this is negatively influenced by diseases or degeneration.


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Ocular diseases can be various. Some, such as DED (dry eye disease), only affect the ocular surface whilst other common diseases are more related to the retina (e. g. macular degeneration) or even the inside of the eye (e. g. uveitis).


Not just the types of diseases are various but also the treating options. From treating symptoms to enhancing or blocking functionality by injecting proteins to next generation drug technologies to even cure chronic and hereditary diseases (e. g. retinitis pigmentosa). We at Gerresheimer thrive for excellence – that’s also why we can proudly announce not just to offer the broadest product portfolio for ophthalmology but also to positioned ourselves as the experts regarding primary packaging in this therapeutic segment in the last years.


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Treatment of ocular surface diseases with ophthalmic suspensions

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Counteract & cure

Treatment of chronic and hereditary diseases via ophthalmic injectables (subretinal, intravitreal)

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Ophthalmic Plus

The Ophthalmic plus bottle is a significant improvement in eye drop application. Its unique bottom design makes it an excellent choice for users with limited upper limb mobility.

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