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Single-use autoinjector Platform technology Patient-centric approach

Single use autoinjector for subcutaneous application

  • Pre-pressurized, cartridge-based system
  • No contact between the needle and the drug during storage (dry needle system)
  • Possibility of accommodating cartridges with baked-on silicone

Platform technology

  • Customizable subcutaneous needle 25, 27, and 29G
  • Customizable spring force 30 to 70 N
  • Customisable for 1.5 and 3 ml ISO cartridges

Patient–centric approach

  • No release button, push-on-skin activation
  • Partially transparent casing for visualisation of injection progress in real time
  • Concealed needle before and after the injection

Simplicity of design

Cartridge based, pre-pressurized system

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