Gerresheimer Autoinjector

Gerresheimer auto-injector for biological drugs and small molecules

The auto-injector is the innovative result of the strategic partnership between Gerresheimer and Midas Pharma.

Having acquired the full intellectual property rights from Midas Pharma, Gerresheimer is working with its new partner to complete the development of this new generation of cartridge-based auto-injectors.

The product offers biotech and pharma companies new possibilities in the treatment of patients with various diseases.

The latest generation of auto-injector is suitable for subcutaneous injection with injection volumes of up to 3 ml. The patient-friendly, robust, cartridge-based auto-injector will serve as a flexible and adaptable platform for a range of different drug formulations in a variety of therapeutic areas. These include highly viscous formulations like new biological entities (NBE) and biosimilars.

Product benefits

  • Single platform with customizable parameters suitable for various drug formulations
  • Suitable for high viscosity (up to 100 cP) biologic and biosimilar formulations, as well as flexible volumes (0.5 ml to 3.0 ml) 
  • Compatible with standard ISO cartridges (1.5 ml and 3.0 ml)
  • No needle contact during storage
  • Power spring applies constant pressure on the plunger of the cartridge
  • Smooth injection: No initial pressure pulse at the start of injection
  • High drug stability: No air bubbles, no plunger movement during transport
  • Robust and straightforward design: Drop proof, no release button


The autoinjector contains the highest quality components with a range of features that contribute to ease of use and patient acceptance.

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