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Velocity® Vials

The smooth way of fill & finish

A major problem in the fill & finish process of conventional borosilicate glass vials is the friction caused by glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal contacts. Frictional resistance reduces the transport speed of vials on the filling line and can cause vials to tip, to jam and scratch or break. Defective vials can cause production stops or - even more seriously - expensive recalls.

The solution: a friction-reducing and stabilizing outer coating for vials

A new generation of vials from Gerresheimer smoothly eliminates these problems. It features the Velocity® outside coating developed by Corning Inc., which speeds up the fill & finish process by reducing frictional resistance and minimizes defects in the glass. The fill & finish process becomes up to 50% more efficient with Velocity® Vials.

Increased efficiency and throughput with Velocity® Vials

Significant reduction of TCO
Velocity® Vials speed up the fill & finish process and reduce machine downtime to a minimum. According to various studies, the increase in efficiency is between 20 and 50 %.

Seamless integration
Velocity® Vials are a drop-in solution to existing fill & finish lines, no changes are required. This results in an immediate reduction in pharmaceutical production costs.

No additional regulatory approval
There is no need for an additional post-marketing drug approval process because the internal surface that comes into contact with the drug is not altered. Velocity® coating technology is compliant with European and U.S. health authorities.

Less jams on the filling line

Velocity® Vials’ exterior coating reduces the risk of vials snagging and jamming in turntables, depyro tunnels, tracks and trays.


Fewer damaged, scratched and tipped vials
Velocity® Vials minimize production interruptions by reducing the likelihood of damage, including cracks, glass particulates, or other defects generated during the fill & finish process.

Improved quality
Less friction also means a reduced particle load and therefore an improved end product quality. The external coating protects the vial and preserves its quality during the complete fill & finish process.

Immediately available
Velocity® Vials are available immediately in all major sizes for the European and American markets. We are happy to provide samples so that you can see the benefits for yourself.

Supplied in standard packaging

Velocity® Vials are supplied in standardized trays and can be seamlessly integrated into existing filling processes.


Velocity® Vials perform significantly better on the filling line

Glass-related interruptions (in minutes) during filling of conventional borosilicate glass vials compared to Velocity® Vials. 60 conventional batches were processed, followed by 30 Velocity® Vial batches. The average batch size was approximately 130,000 vials.

The results were obtained in a case study of Corning Incorporated with a CMO filling partner.
Velocity® is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated.

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