An apprenticeship at Gerresheimer is a stepping stone to an international career

August 4, 2011 – Around 190,000 school leavers throughout Germany...

Düsseldorf, August 4, 2011 – Around 190,000 school leavers throughout Germany will be starting their apprenticeships on September 1, 2011. That’s when the six Gerresheimer Group training plants in Bünde, Essen, Lohr, Pfreimd, Wackersdorf and Tettau will also be welcoming a total of 61 new apprentices. Around 180 young people are currently completing their apprenticeships in twelve different occupations such as process engineer, tool mechanic and industrial clerk at these plants. The applications phase for the next intake of apprentices in 2012 has already begun.

“We are very popular with apprentices because our Group has such a comprehensive range of activities. In fact, we never have problems recruiting young people for the apprenticeship places that we advertise. We also run work experience programs and cooperate with schools. We get involved in the regional Girl’s Days and we organize open days so that people can find out who we are as an employer. And we also offer a sandwich degree course in addition to traditional apprenticeships,” said Thomas Perlitz, Director Global Human Resources at Gerresheimer in Düsseldorf.

As a full-service partner for glass and plastics products and systems, Gerresheimer has a unique positioning in the global pharma and healthcare industry. There is worldwide growth in demand for intelligent medication application and storage solutions. Molded glass products for the pharma and cosmetics industry are manufactured at Gerresheimer’s plants in Essen, Lohr and Tettau. Glass syringe systems are produced in the Westphalian town of Bünde. The Pfreimd plant in the Upper Palatinate region of Germany manufactures medical plastic systems such as insulin pens, inhalers and diagnostic systems which are developed at the Technical Competence Center in Wackersdorf.

Gerresheimer takes its responsibility as apprenticeship provider seriously. “Our apprentices can count on being offered a permanent position with the company after passing their examination. Ambitious apprentices can also look forward to an international career,” emphasized Thomas Perlitz, referring to the fact that the Gerresheimer Group’s some 10,000 employees work at 45 sites around the globe where a wide range of individual and international career opportunities exist.

A total of 13 young people are combining theory with practice in the Bachelor sandwich degree program. They are working towards degrees in plastics technology, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and inter-national management.

Gerresheimer apprentices talking about their choices of occupation

“As an industrial mechanic apprentice, I also get to work on international projects. A few weeks ago I visited our sister plant in France where we were commissioning a tube cutter that we had built. The opportunity to work alongside experienced colleagues in this kind of a project is a fantastic experience that will be extremely valuable to me when I go to university.”
Florian Koch, Gerresheimer Bünde

“I decided to do a sandwich degree course in international management. When I graduate, I’d like to work in sales or marketing in Europe or the USA. These opportunities are available to me at Gerresheimer because it’s an international organization.”
Aimilia Matika, Gerresheimer Essen

“I started my apprenticeship at Gerres-heimer Lohr as electronics technician two years ago. I’m actually following in my father’s footsteps because he did exactly the same apprenticeship here 35 years ago. He was always so enthusiastic about his job that I decided to train to be an electronics technician while I was still at school. After my apprenticeship I'll be doing my university entrance exam so that I can study mechanical engineering and then I’d like to help Gerresheimer to improve its technical processes as one of its engineers.
Martin Emrich, Gerresheimer Lohr

“I’ve started an apprenticeship as plastics and rubber process engineer at Gerresheimer because it’s a global organization that produces innovative and high quality products. I’ve always been interested in technical things. That’s why I liked the idea of working as a process engineer. I get transferred to different departments regularly, so I get to know new colleagues and gain all kinds of experience during the three-year apprenticeship. The work climate is great. Social skills and teamwork are a must. After two years of training I know that I’ve chosen the right occupation and the right company.”
Alexander Leyerer, Gerresheimer Pfreimd

“I’m in the second year of my apprenticeship as glass technology process mechanic. I’m fascinated by glass and glass processing machines and I’m sure I’ve chosen the right profession. I’m also confident that there are good career opportunities at Gerresheimer Tettau.”
Adrian Scherbel, Gerresheimer Tettau

“I've chosen to do an apprenticeship as tool maker for forming technology. Working with machines has always fascinated me. My training involves working in different departments to gain experience in handling machines and injection molding tools, and in working with different teams. Now that I’m reaching the end of my apprenticeship, I can definitely say that I’ve trained for my dream job at Gerresheimer.”
Franziska Becka, Gerresheimer Wackersdorf

About Gerresheimer

Gerresheimer is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality specialty products made of glass and plastic for the global pharma and healthcare industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of products extends from pharmaceutical vials to complex drug delivery systems such as syringe systems, insulin pens and inhalers for safe medication dosage and application. Together with our partners, we develop solutions which set standards and have role model status in their respective market sectors.

Our Group realizes revenues of around one billion euros and has around 10.000 employees at 45 locations in Europe, North and South America and Asia.  We use first-rate technologies, convincing innovations and targeted investments to systematically consolidate our strong market position.

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