Assembly of drug delivery systems

Optimal assembly solution for any drug delivery system

When assembling drug delivery systems, we select the optimal assembly solution for our customers specific to the product. We assemble plastic parts, metal parts and electronics precisely and quickly. In order to ensure customer requirements for the highest surface quality and 100% functional safety, we integrate a variety of intelligent camera systems and inspection stations into the assembly system.

Your PLUS with Gerresheimer

For the assembly of drug delivery systems we offer you both modern, fully automatic assembly technologies and semi-automatic or manual assembly, which are primarily more affordable for smaller series. At Gerresheimer you will thus find a cost-optimal assembly solution for any product.

Especially for large series production of drug delivery systems, automation coordinated precisely with the product, project and processes has a decisive influence on the quality and economic efficiency of production. The technicians, mechanics, electricians, designers and programmers of the Automation department are responsible for these tasks at our Technical Competence Center (TCC) in Wackersdorf (Germany). The 45-member team specifies, procures, qualifies, designs and builds systems for special machinery, automatic testing systems and loading and unloading handling, which are used at all of our production facilities in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

We conceive of and build assembly systems for the highly precise delivery and assembly of plastic and metal parts at the highest possible speed. Intelligent solutions for the delivery and separation of plastic and metal parts ensure damage-free, precisely positioned insertion of the parts to be assembled. Following removal, we suction out the receptacles in order to ensure clean assembly of each individual assembly unit.

Our assembly lines ensure the optimal surface quality of the products through assembly that is gentle with the visible surfaces and visual inspection for damage to the visual parts within the assembly system. A 100% in-process inspection of the assembly steps, the parameters critical for quality and the module and product functions takes place with a large number of intelligent camera systems and inspection stations in the assembly system. Gap-free documentation of the assembly processes ensures the traceability of all batches.

We assume responsibility not only for the assembly of plastic and metal parts, but also install the electronics necessary for the end device. In the case of inhalers, for example, we install the electronic counters for dosing, atomization actuators and the most varied sensors. We integrate punch contacts and install circuit boards, which are then, for example, designed as switches. For the assembly of electronics, we create our own clean rooms, which are also equipped with a special ESD protective floor for preventing static charge. Special camera tests in the assembly system ensure the correctly positioned insertion of circuit boards, the damage-free positioning and snap-fitting of punch parts and the correct position of switches. A gap-free in-line function test at the assembly system rounds off our range of services.

Particularly in the case of drug delivery systems and pharmaceutical packaging, the highest requirements for quality apply, which is also reflected in the effort required for the assembly of the systems. We offer the cleanliness and quality requirements of the respective product in correspondence with all assembly steps in the clean room according to ISO 14644-1 ISO class 7, 8, 9 and GMP classes C and D.

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