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The lighter way of glass packaging: How to reduce weight to save material and energy

The volume of global packaging is steadily increasing and with it the negative impact on the environment. On the same time, consumers become more and more conscious about the impact of their buying decisions.

The transition to a circular economy is of essential importance. Improving the environmental impact of products throughout their whole life cycle - including production, transport, use and disposal must be the objective. Packaging product solutions play a crucial role for the safe transport as well as storage, but also influence on the differentiation and attraction at the point of sale.

To ensure that the environmental impact is considered from the beginning, the packaging design must be included already in the early development stage of a new product:

Learn more on our sustainability targets regarding Ecodesign principles and our approach to achieve them:

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Lightweight glass: A step forward on the road to zero emissions

Lightweight is one of the key Ecodesign approaches that can be classified into the category “Reduce – do better with less”. Most approaches to decarbonization tackle on specific emission sources, for example the use of renewable electricity cuts on the CO2-emissions from electricity. Lightweight, however, addresses all emission sources at the same time. The less glass you use, the less raw materials are needed, the less energy (gas as well as electricity) is used to melt those raw materials.

Key Benefits of lightweight packaging for pharma, food and beverage, or cosmetic products

Lightweight is a key decarbonization measure that is addressing all emission sources at the same time

Lightweight is a sustainability approach where the brand can directly influence the CO2 footprint through the design

Lightweight can have a positive impact on transportation and handling costs

Our Gerresheimer lightweight expertise for more sustainable packaging solutions

Simulation methods and advanced production processes enable us to manufacture particularly thin-walled lightweight glass packaging solutions while assuring high quality and performance.

Our experienced teams are willing to join forces with you to develop designs that foster your brand’s identity and turn products into a real masterpiece. We can support you in every step of the product development process with our expertise in glass design and technical knowledge.

Download our whitepaper “The lighter way of packaging” to learn more on the benefits and implications of lightweight glass packaging design.

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Lightweight can be considered as one of the core measures on the decarbonization roadmap. Our sustainability experts glass accompany you on the journey to zero emissions.

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