Apprentice Tookmaker (mould building), Essen
Apprentice Tookmaker (mould building)

Tim Dembski
Apprentice Tookmaker (mould building)

"Winners pick themselves up again at times when losers stay down."

With Gerresheimer since: 2009
Site: Essen

I started my apprenticeship as toolmaker at Gerresheimer Essen after graduating from high school.

I chose Gerresheimer Essen because I think the bottle manufacturing and production process is amazing and very interesting. 

My job is to support the foremen in their work and, through it, I’ve learned about a great many work processes. I have a brilliant working relationship with my colleagues and I really enjoy the job because the foremen pass on their valuable work experience to me. 

The Gerresheimer Group Soccer Tournament is one of the highlights of the year for me. It’s fantastic to watch my colleagues from different countries meeting up at the tournament to play soccer together.

All these experiences have persuaded me to apply for a job at Gerresheimer Essen after my apprenticeship. 

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