Order Management Assistant, Dongguan
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Bai Moon
Order Management Assistant

"Sow a habit, reap a character."

With Gerresheimer since: 2011
Site: Dongguan

As an Order Management Assistant, I ensure timely communication with customers and help to prevent errors and misunderstandings. I´m also responsible for sharing relevant customer’ information efficiently within the organization to ensure that the customers’ requirements and expectations are met.

When I first saw the Gerresheimer logo, I was hooked. White and green, it’s pure and full of vitality. This first impression reflects exactly the truth. Right here, every day starts from a cordial hello and ends with dismay goodbye. People help each other; we are all one big family. New employees can be themselves at work and have lots of opportunities for personal development.

Under such a positive and happy work atmosphere, we successfully passed the FDA audit in August 2012. During our preparation for the audit the entire staff twisted into a rope, working for the same objective: Passing the FDA audit. Finally, hard work paid off. We are the second plant in the MPS division to pass the audit just after our plant in Küssnacht/Switzerland.

Gerresheimer MPS Dongguan is such a wonderful company that I’d like to stay here with my colleagues for a long time. Moreover, I hope that I can grow within this organization through my own efforts. Never be satisfied with the existing state!

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