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Fabio Casadidio
Project Manager

"To make what we believe that is incredible"

With Gerresheimer since: 2007
Site: Pisa, Italy

Enticed by the vast range of glass production issues, at first I worked through a research contract between Gerresheimer Pisa and the local University on the subject “Structural Analysis in non linear and in particular elastic-plastic field for processes of glass forming products”. After that Gerresheimer Pisa gave me the opportunity to go on with my personal growth, welcoming me in its team.  As I knew the vitality of the Company and the attention it pays not only to the technical but also to the human side, I was very happy to join it.

The following year ,through also an important experience in the USA, I took part to the introduction of a new Vello technology in Pisa plant, already active in Gerresheimer USA. I could control the process until the installation on a furnace in 2009. It has been very challenging and the whole technical plant group solved the matters step by step and acquired the necessary operating skills.
In the meantime I have enlarged my perspectives and acquired experience also in the cold end area for the drawing, cutting, end finishing and packing system and the general production issues.

I work now as Project Manager directly under the Operations Director. Working relationships between colleagues are very good, we work together to solve the various issues due to the complexity of the glass and according to the mission values.

I think I have met an attentive employer, oriented not only to the profit; I am proud to be part of the big Gerresheimer team and I hope to continue to be part of it for a long time.

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