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Girls’ Day at Gerresheimer

Düsseldorf, May 6, 2013 On this year’s Girls’ Day over 60 girls and young women visited the Gerresheimer production facilities in Bünde, Essen, Lohr, Tettau and Pfreimd to find out about apprenticeships in technical occupations.

“We’d love to have more girls applying for our apprenticeships. That’s Gerresheimer’s motivation for taking part in Girls’ Day“; said Thomas Perlitz, Director Global Human Resources at Gerresheimer. Since it was initiated in 2002, the Girls` Day event has helped numerous girls and young women throughout Germany to discover what a wide range of technical occupations are all about.

At its German sites in Bünde, Essen, Lohr, Pfreimd and Tettau, Gerresheimer offers apprenticeships in over 15 technical occupations such as electronics technician, process engineer and tool maker. An apprenticeship combined with a degree course leading to a Bachelor of Engineering in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or industrial engineering is the perfect way to gain both a theoretical grounding and practical experience.

The trainers, apprentices and employees at the production facilities very much enjoyed presenting ‘their workplaces‘ to Girls‘ Day participants. Here are some of the highlights of Girls’ Day 2013:

Gerresheimer Bünde, North Rhine-Westphalia - How a syringe is made from a glass tube.

A total of ten girls enjoyed an exciting morning at Gerresheimer Bünde, North Rhine-Westphalia - How a syringe is made from a glass tube.Gerresheimer Bünde, where they discovered that it’s very hot in the production bays because of all the furnaces that heat up the glass for moulding into syringes. At the end of the day they put on an overall, protective glasses and a hairnet and went inside one of the clean rooms to experience how it feels to work in clean room clothing. The Bünde production facility has around 800 employees and is the Gerresheimer Group’s competence center for syringes that are used for the long-term storage of pharmaceutical products such as vaccines.

Gerresheimer Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia - Safety first!

Anyone in a glass production environment has to Gerresheimer Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia - Safety first!observe strict safety regulations and wear appropriate clothing. This applies to both the employees and visitors of the production facility. Miriam Niczkowski had to wear protective glasses, ear plugs and safety shoes with steel toe caps. The some 400 employees at the Essen facility manufacture glass packaging products for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and spirit miniatures. There are around 1400 articles in the current product portfolio. Miriam Niczkowski‘s father has been working at Gerresheimer years. She took advantage of Girl’s Day to find out more about her father’s workplace and job. Perhaps she’ll end up working as glass process engineer at Gerresheimer one day.

Gerresheimer Lohr, Bavaria - From lime, sand and soda to cough medicine bottle.

Six girls and two boys visited Lohr on Girls‘ Day. Gerresheimer Lohr, Bavaria - From lime, sand and soda to cough medicine bottle.The production facility’s 400-strong workforce produces high quality bottles made of borosilicate glass for liquid medications such as cough medicine. Gerresheimer Lohr manufactures a wide range of glass bottles for major pharmaceutical companies that are used as containers for solid and liquid medications. “It was fun to get an insight into the glass industry”, wrote one participant on her questionnaire.

Gerresheimer Tettau, Bavaria - From molten glass ‘gob‘ to perfume flacon.

The 10 Tettau Girls‘ Day visitors were given a Gerresheimer Tettau, Bavaria - From molten glass ‘gob‘ to perfume flacon.genuine hands-on experience. Gerresheimer Tettau has around 500 employees who make perfume flacons, cream jars and nail polish bottles for the beauty industry. This may just persuade some of the girls who visited the plant to apply for an apprenticeship as glass process engineer. The Tettau apprentices gave the girls a taste of what it is like to produce a glass product by helping them to make a mobile phone holder as a memento of their day at Gerresheimer.

Gerresheimer Pfreimd, Bavaria - Making an inhaler from plastic granulate.

37 visitors to Gerresheimer Pfreimd had the Gerresheimer Pfreimd, Bavaria - Making an inhaler from plastic granulate.opportunity to find out how plastic inhalers for asthma sufferers are made. The Pfreimd production facility also manufactures insulin pens, components for needle-free syringe systems, lancing devices and lancets. Its apprentices presented the occupations of mechatronics fitter, electronics technician and tool mechanic to the visitors. In the guided tour that followed, the girls were shown what a technical workplace looks like.

The “Jobs & Career“ page on Gerresheimer’s website provides information about where and how to apply for an apprenticeship at Gerresheimer and who to contact.

About Gerresheimer

Gerresheimer is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality specialty products made of glass and plastic for the global pharma and healthcare industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of products extends from pharmaceutical vials to complex drug delivery systems such as syringe systems, insulin pens and inhalers for safe medication dosage and application. Together with our partners, we develop solutions which set standards and have role model status in their respective market sectors.

Our Group realizes revenues of more than one billion euros and has around 11,000 employees at 47 locations in Europe, North and South America and Asia.  We use first-rate technologies, convincing innovations and targeted investments to systematically consolidate our strong market position.

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