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Gerresheimer Zaragoza
Our Spanish plant has always had among its objectives to care about the environment.
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Gerresheimer thanks the Tettau volunteer
Tettau, July 06, 2021. On June 27, Gerresheimer Tettau AG thanked the volunteer fire department for its efforts with a donation of 5,000 euros. The…
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Gerresheimer honored as World Class Workplace
Düsseldorf, June 02, 2021. With 81 percent approval in the Employee Engagement Index on a worldwide pulse survey, Gerresheimer was honored as one of…
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Gerresheimer receives Fair Company Award
Gerresheimer has been recognized by the "Fair Company" initiative as a fair and attractive employer.
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New eco-friendly cooling system in Gx Zaragoza
In 2020 Gx Zaragoza initiated a replacement for the old cooling-system for molds and machines.
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Gx Boleslawiec switches to 100% renewable electricity
From this business year onwards our polish colleagues in Gx Boleslawiec will be using 100% electricity from renewable sources to minimize the impact…
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EcoLine ensures the most sustainable packaging solution
With EcoLine, Gerresheimer demonstrates criteria in the development and production of its well-known plastic container series for solid and liquid…
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Gerresheimer AG is part of the United Nations Global Compact
Duesseldorf, May 18, 2021. Gerresheimer became a Signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNCG), the world’s largest sustainability initiative.…
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Stress analysis through FEA strength calculations
Gerresheimer has set itself the goal of applying sustainability criteria to 100 percent of new product developments by 2023.
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