Gerresheimer explains the German training system to the Governor of Georgia

l-r: Nathan Deal, Govenor of the State of Georgia; Andreas Schütte, Member of the Gerresheimer AG Management Board

Düsseldorf, July 13, 2016 – During his visit to Germany the Governor of Georgia/USA, Nathan Deal, stopped by at Gerresheimer AG in Düsseldorf to find out about the successful German dual training model that combines an apprenticeship with a study program. Düsseldorf-based Gerresheimer AG has a fast-expanding plant and Technical Competence Center in Peachtree City, Georgia/USA.

Governor Nathan Deal and the US State of Georgia are very interested in supporting the training initiatives of successful US and foreign companies in Georgia. Around 120 people currently work at the Gerresheimer plant close to Atlanta. There are plans to expand the plant, which will result in the workforce being increased to around 200 by 2017, with further employees being recruited in subsequent years. Gerresheimer particularly needs skilled employees with good qualifications. This is a problem, though, because the USA doesn’t have the dual training system that companies like l-r: Sandra Deal, First Lady of the State of Georgia; Nathan Deal, Govenor of the State of Georgia; Andreas Schütte, Member of the Gerresheimer AG Management BoardGerresheimer take advantage of in Germany as a source of qualified personnel. Now Gerresheimer is teaming up with the State of Georgia and local education providers to make some positive changes to the training system there. It already benefits from Georgia’s QuickStart workforce training program.

“We are grateful for the Governor’s and the State of Georgia’s support of our plans to expand the Peachtree City plant. It is in both our interests to provide young individuals with good qualifications and jobs that offer them long-term perspectives,” said Andreas Schütte of the Gerresheimer AG Management Board.

Gerresheimer currently has around 200 young trainees in 20 different The Governor of Georgia (center) visits Gerresheimer to find out more about the German training systemoccupations taking part in the dual training system at its German plants. A German-style training program was launched at the Czech Republic plant by Gerresheimer in 2012 which has already been acknowledged several times as exemplary.

About Gerresheimer

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