“People need to fit into a glassworks”

“People need to fit into a glassworks”
“People need to fit into a glassworks,” – this is an opinion shared by Stefan Reuth (left, drafting technician) and his son, Yannik Reuth (right, a mechatronics engineering appren-tice). The pair both enjoy the working environment at Gerresheimer
Yannik Reuth has successfully completed the first year of his apprenticeship at Gerresheimer

Yannik Reuth has successfully completed the first year of his apprenticeship at Gerresheimer

Düsseldorf/Tettau, August 20, 2018. Parents often instill their en-thusiasm for working at the Hütt (glassworks) into their children. In Yannik Reuth’s case, it was his father, Stefan Reuth. He works at Gerresheimer as a drafting technician. Yannik initially completed a traineeship and began his apprenticeship as a mechatronics engi-neer a year ago. The new intake of Gerresheimer apprentices are getting started in September and Yannik is beginning his second year.

“I like it here better than anywhere else and up until now it’s been great,” says Yannik Reuth without prompting. He began his apprenticeship in mechatronics in the electrical workshop in September 2017. Straight away, he liked the working environment and his first few future colleagues whom he had already got to know during his traineeship. He described it as “casual, but appropriate” and values the fact that everyone greets each other, treats one another with respect, and is on hand to offer help.

Yannik’s father Stefan is a trained draftsman and has been working at Gerresheimer as a drafting technician for 15 years. He says that “people need to fit into a glassworks” and states that working as part of a good team is extremely important to him. Grinning, he adds that Niklas, Yannik’s 13-year-old brother, is also keen to complete a traineeship at Gerresheimer.

Meanwhile, Yannik has made it through the first year of his apprenticeship and is very happy with his decision to choose Gerresheimer. The 18-year-old, who recently passed his driving test, enjoys the fact that his older and more experienced colleagues treat him as though he has been there for years already. What he finds interesting about his future career is that it combines the fields of mechanics, electronics, and information technology. Most systems are made up of mechanical and electronic components. Yannik constructs and installs complex mechatronic systems and is  also responsible for maintaining and repairing them.

Gerresheimer also complements the practical training on the job and at the vocational school with an in-house training program. In these training sessions, the apprentices become familiar with all parts of the business and what they do. The sessions also aim to get them even better prepared for their final exams.

Once he has completed his training, there are numerous further training opportunities for Yannik to explore. Advanced training as an engineer or master craftsman, perhaps? However, he could also consider going on to a degree, for example in mechatronics, mechanical engineering, or automation technology.

Yannik’s role model is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is impressed that the Austrian has achieved almost everything in his life without having anything to begin with. Yannik also has big dreams and is confident that his training at Gerresheimer is laying a firm foundation for his future.

The glassworks, founded in 1785 in Alexanderhütte, has developed into what is now Gerresheimer Tettau GmbH, a cutting-edge, highly specialized glassmaking facility for well-known cosmetic products, employing around 500 people. The factory produces bottles for many famous fragrances as well as jars for creams and nail varnish bottles. The employees in the state-of-the-art glassworks are experienced professionals who are passionate about their work.

More information is available online: Training at Gerresheimer

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