Annual Report 2022


Sustainable growth across all segments

In the financial year 2022, Gerresheimer continued to systematically pursue its formula g growth strategy. With a highly customer-oriented approach, innovation and a focus on highest quality, our company has continuously improved its competitiveness, proved its resilience and generated sustainable profitable growth. 

New biologics orders for High Value Solutions and medical devices have further improved Gerresheimer’s standing as an innovation leader and system and solutions provider while underscoring our position as a top strategic partner for the global pharma, biotech, healthcare and beauty industry.

Strategic investments

We are investing in the right niches. In the financial year 2022, we consistently pursued our investment program and accelerated our profitable growth, with a particular focus on High Value Solutions and expanding our global capacity. Our growth investments in recent years are paying off, proven by significantly higher growth rates.

Capacity expansion in the syringe and vial business has paid off. In the syringe business, we offer a broad portfolio of innovative solutions and consistently pursue the right technical solutions for our customers. In light of this, we plan to double our syringes capacity and triple our revenues in that business by 2027. Besides that, Gerresheimer is the market leader for glass injection vials, with a market share of more than 30 % and an annual production capacity of more than 5 billion vials. High-value vials and cartridges present above-average growth potential in line with the successful market transformation for syringes. In syringes, 95 % of the market for non-prewashed and non-sterilized syringes (known as bulk syringes) has shifted towards ready-to-fill syringes over the past decade. We are working to repeat this success story for vials and cartridges with the support of the new EZ-fill smart industry standard.

High Value Solutions and medical devices

Our expertise and strong track record have fueled a continued increase in the share of revenue generated by biological solutions and injectables. Ready-to-fill solutions for syringes and vials in particular have reinforced our growth in High Value Solutions, while medical devices such as autoinjectors and pens have stimulated growth in medical devices. We are already the market leader for certain medical devices such as inhalers and pens. The market for obesity treatments will continue to grow disproportionate in light of the rise in diabetes 2 and obesity. Over 650 million people around the globe are obese, resulting in a potential treatment market of approximately USD 50bn. We will cover GLP-1 obesity treatment with targeted solutions in various portfolio segments.

Unlocking the value of digital data

The digitalization of healthcare will result in major improvements to healthcare services and significantly lower treatment costs. We are actively pursuing this new field of business with a clear focus on the customer in data-driven business models. Gerresheimer communicates health data between patients and doctors to improve patient compliance and treatment outcomes. Strategic partnerships are helping us expand our knowledge to offer a broad and integrated service portfolio.

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