Gerresheimer Plásticos São Paulo Ltda (Anápolis)

Anápolis Plant

VP 3 E S/N. Qd 06 A Módulo 02 Barreiro do Meio
Distrito Agroindustrial de Anápolis
75132-100 Anápolis
Phone: + 55 62 3142-2555



In our Primary Packaging Plastics plant in Anápolis we have been developing and manufacturing products in IBM, IM, ISBM, EBM and CM technology for the production of different types of bottles, caps, droppers, assembled items and accessories. The products for liquid and solid are produced in HDPE, LDPE, PET and PP. We also have a huge assembly area where we produce oral syringes, vaginal applicators, dissecant caps and others. Beside that we also have an exclusive and huge decoration area for bottles in different sizes and formats. Anápolis plant has more than 30.000 sqm and produces around 10.000ton of material/year, assuring an excellent coverage, thanks to its strategic geographic location.

We ensure full conformity of our products with customers’ requirements due to our certifications as ISO 9001:2015, FDA registration with a Drug Master File and cGMP standards. Our efforts to Quality Excellence are recognized by our customers through an important award in Brazil - Sindusfarma Quality Award, which we won 22 times consecutively, in the category of “Plastic Caps and Bottles”.

We commit to the needs related to the packaging system of our customers from design to manufacturing and marketing, involving employees and suppliers, respecting human beings and the environment in the pursuit of profitability through continuous quality improvement.

Nos comprometemos  com as necessidades relacionadas ao sistema de embalagens dos nossos clientes, abrangendo desde o projeto à manufatura e comercialização, envolvendo colaboradores e fornecedores, respeitando o ser humano e o meio ambiente na busca de lucratividade através da melhoria contínua de qualidade.

Comprometernos con las necesidades relacionadas con el sistema de envasado de nuestros clientes, que van desde el diseño hasta la fabricación y comercialización, involucrando a empleados y proveedores, respetando al ser humano y al medio ambiente en la búsqueda de la rentabilidad a través de la mejora continua de la calidad.



  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 15378

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