Gerresheimer presents the first US bottle produced in multilayer at CPhI 2016

Gerresheimer presents the first US bottle produced in multilayer at CPhI 2016
Gerresheimer presents the first US bottle produced in multilayer at CPhI 2016

Düsseldorf/Barcelona, October 4, 2016 – Gerresheimer is presenting an extension of our new multilayer plastic container, Duma Twist-Off Protect, at CPhI. Now the popular Triveni Round family has been extended by a 60 ml container with the multilayer features for the US market.  The Protect features delivers enhanced protection against water vapor and oxygen to sensitive pharmaceutical drugs. It is the first plastic container with a multilayer sandwich structure manufactured in an injection blow molding process.  

“Duma Twist-Off Protect has created a very high interest and proven its quality. Therefore, with US Triveni Round, we are extending our portfolio to offer the line of products used at the US market with this excellent feature,” said Niels Düring, Global Executive Vice President Plastic Packaging at Gerresheimer. Pharmaceuticals are often susceptible to degradation caused by exposure to moisture vapor and oxygen. So these drugs need effective protection in the form of suitable packaging solutions.

U.S. Pharmacopeia MVT (WVP) USP 38 <671> and Oxygen Transmission Rate OTR: ASTM F 1307 tests confirm that the multilayer structure provides better barrier properties, so the container admits far lower levels of moisture vapor and oxygen.

The multilayer containers are full compatible with the Duma Duma Twist-Off ProtectTwist-Off and the US Triveni product range/same closures.

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