Groundbreaking ceremony for plant expansion in Querétaro, Mexico

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From left to right: Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero (Secretary of Sustainable Development of Querétaro state), Dietmar Siemssen (CEO Gerresheimer AG), Mauricio Kuri González (Governor of Querétaro state), Luis Nava Guerrero (Mayor of Querétaro city), Tania Palacios Kuri (Secretary of Sustainable Development of Querétaro city)
  • Significant expansion of production capacities for RTF syringes for the North American market
  • Investment volume of around 100 million Euros


Düsseldorf, Germany, November 8, 2023. Gerresheimer, an innovative system and solution provider and a global partner for the pharma, biotech, and cosmetic industries, has celebrated the start of construction of the plant expansion at its facility in Querétaro, Mexico, with a ground-breaking ceremony. Thanks to the new 7,500 m² production building, Gerresheimer will increase its manufacturing capacity for syringes for the North American market by several hundred million “ready-to-fill” (RTF) syringes annually and create around 270 new jobs. Among other things, the high-quality pre-fillable glass syringes are suitable for injectable biopharmaceuticals such as GLP-1-based drugs for the treatment of obesity. Gerresheimer is investing around 100 million Euros in the new building and the new production lines. The building is expected to be completed by mid-2024 and production is anticipated to start in the second quarter of 2025.

“Our plant in Querétaro will enable us to supply the entire North American trading area with high-quality syringes that are also suitable for biopharmaceuticals”, says Dietmar Siemssen, CEO of Gerresheimer AG. “Now we are once again significantly expanding production capacity for contracts we have already concluded.”

Latest production technology
Plans for the new production building include 10 glass-forming machines and several needle assembly and RTF production lines. The latest automation and quality assurance technology will be used. Syringe preparation, including washing and packaging, will take place in ISO 8 to ISO 6 class clean rooms.

270 new jobs from 2025
The expansion of production capacity allows Gerresheimer to create around 270 new jobs at the Querétaro plant, where around 1,000 people are currently employed. In addition to syringes, Gerresheimer also produces injection vials, cartridges, and ampoules at the site.

Expansion of global production capacities
Gerresheimer is also currently expanding its production capacities for various product segments in Germany, Belgium, North Macedonia, the Czech Republic, and the United States. As a partner to the pharma, biotech, and cosmetics industries, Gerresheimer produces locally for regional markets.


About Gerresheimer
Gerresheimer is an innovative system and solution provider and a global partner for the pharma, biotech, and cosmetic industries. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of pharmaceutical containment solutions, drug delivery systems and medical devices as well as solutions for the health industry. The product range includes digital solutions for therapy support, medication pumps, syringes, pens, auto-injectors, and inhalers as well as vials, ampoules, tablet containers, infusion, dropper and syrup bottles and more. Gerresheimer ensures the safe delivery and reliable administration of drugs to the patient. With 36 production sites in 16 countries in Europe, America, and Asia, Gerresheimer has a global presence and produces locally for regional markets. With over 11,000 employees, the company generated revenues of around €1.82bn in 2022. Gerresheimer AG is listed in the MDAX on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A0LD6E6). 


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