CPHI Frankfurt: DropControl – Gerresheimer´s solution for new ophthalmic formulations

CPHI Frankfurt: DropControl – Gerresheimer´s solution for new ophthalmic formulations

Duesseldorf/Vaerloese, October 26, 2022. With DropControl, Gerresheimer has developed a new dropper insert for modern drugs with low viscosity for ophthalmology, which prevents the drug from flowing out uncontrollably during use.

Eye diseases are increasing due to the aging of population and some specific trends in the way how we live and work. Especially the work in front of screens often leads increased eye diseases which requires regularly treatment with eye drops. To address this topic pharma companies have developed new ophthalmic treatments.

The new generation of eye drop solutions have modified properties compared to the former water-based eye-drop solutions to improve the efficiency and the pharmaceutical effectiveness. For such eye-drop formulations the function of a conventional eyedropper require a modification to prevent uncontrolled dropping when the patient turns the eyedropper to release the droplets. “With DropControl Gerresheimer offers a solution to enable the use of conventional eyedropper systems in combination with the new eye drop solutions with very low viscosity“, says Niels Düring, Global Executive Vice President at Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging.

With DropControl the patient can apply the eye-drops as usual. The outer shape is unchanged, Gerresheimer just invented an insert which prevents the uncontrolled release of droplets. It is suitable for all Gerresheimer´s A, E and F dropper bottle systems in the range of 5, 10, 15 and 30 ml.

Conjunctivitis and stye are particularly widespread among the eye diseases. In most cases they are harmless. After an ophthalmologist has diagnosed the disease and started appropriate therapy with eye drops or ointments, the symptoms quickly subside, it is always advisable to see an ophthalmologist who will prescribe the correct eye drops.

Gerresheimer takes over the irradiation with gamma rays
As an extended service, after the production of the eye dropper systems, Gerresheimer provides gamma irradiation treatment following the ISO 11137 with VDmax 17,5 kGr as validated process. The aim of gamma irradiation is to reduce the bacterial preload before filling. The company takes over the complete handling of this step as well as the validation and revalidation of the entire process.  For the customer it is both a process and a cost saving.

As a specialist in plastic packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, Gerresheimer offers a wide range of packaging solutions for solid, liquid and ophthalmic products. Our leading brands Duma, Dudek and Triveni for solid dosage forms, the edp PET bottles for liquid dosage forms and the products for ophthalmic applications are part of the comprehensive and innovative product range. The broad standard range includes a wide variety of containers and closures, PET bottles, eye dropper bottles, nasal sprays’ bottles and countless customer-specific developments.

CPHI Frankfurt 2022
Gerresheimer will present its innovative products at CPHI in Frankfurt from 01. to 03.11.2022 in hall 3 at booth 30B21.

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