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Duesseldorf/Olten, December 18, 2023. Gerresheimer, an innovative system and solution provider and a global partner for the pharma, biotech, and cosmetic industries, has crowned the winner of the Open Innovation Program, held in cooperation with ekipa. A university research project by doctors and employees at the University Hospital of Duesseldorf, Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf, and the University Hospital RWTH Aachen won out against the competition. The “monti” monitoring concept opens up opportunities for supporting cancer patient therapy at home. With the help of a wearable in the form of a digitally connected armband, cancer patients’ vital signs are recorded in real time and analyzed using artificial intelligence. This enables doctors to detect initial indications of side effects at a very early stage and act on them. Through initiatives such as the Open Innovation Program, Gerresheimer is strengthening its cooperation with universities, research institutions, start-ups, and companies to promote the development of tangible solutions for therapy support at home. 

“The Open Innovation Program was a resounding success,” says Philippe Lucarelli, Clinical Lead at Gerresheimer. “Of the many exciting ideas and concepts, monti impressed us the most. We look forward to working with the monti team to analyze the solution’s potential in more detail.” 

Gerresheimer launched the Open Innovation Program for therapy support at home in July 2023 in partnership with ekipa, an open innovation incubator, with the aim of making sustainable and digital healthcare a reality. The monti team, which has already published the initial findings of its research*, receives EUR 4,000 in prize money as the winner of the program. The next stage will be to validate the research findings in a clinical trial. Over the next few months, Gerresheimer and the monti team will jointly explore the potential of an integrated solution and the possibilities of cooperation. 

Gerresheimer — Innovating for a better life 

Gerresheimer is working on improving the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of therapies through innovative containment solutions and liquid drug delivery systems. The Gerresheimer on-body drug delivery device Gx SensAir, for example, is capable of administering large-volume and highly viscous biopharmaceuticals, such as the ones used in chemo- and immunotherapies in cancer treatment.  

Drug therapy at home to enhance quality of life  

Combining containment solutions and drug delivery systems such as  
Gx SensAir with digital technologies and platforms offers the opportunity to closely monitor and support patients, even in their home environment. Depending on the indication, it will be possible in many cases to carry out or continue drug therapy safely at home instead of relying on infusion therapy in hospital. For patients, receiving medical care at home means a significant improvement in their quality of life.  


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Gerresheimer is the innovative system and solution provider and global partner for the pharma, biotech and cosmetic industry. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of pharmaceutical containment solutions, drug delivery systems and medical devices as well as solutions for the health industry. The product range includes digital solutions for therapy support, medication pumps, syringes, pens, auto-injectors and inhalers as well as vials, ampoules, tablet containers, dropper bottles, other bottles and more. Gerresheimer ensures the safe delivery and administration of drugs to the patient. With 36 production sites in 16 countries in Europe, America and Asia, Gerresheimer has a global presence and produces locally for the regional markets. With over 11,000 employees, the company generated revenues of around €1.82bn in 2022. Gerresheimer AG is listed in the MDAX on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A0LD6E6). 


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