Gerresheimer with innovative SensAIR platform for first drug delivery device for biologics

With SensAIR, Gerresheimer presents a new platform for on-body drug delivery which can administer drugs of higher viscosity, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAb), in precise doses.

Düsseldorf, May 03, 2021. With SensAIR, Gerresheimer presents a platform for on-body drug delivery which can deliver drugs of higher viscosity, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAb). The aim is to provide patients with the best possible support in the subcutaneous delivery of large-volume biologics. The ready-to-use SensAIR On-Body Delivery Device is easy to use and enables patients to start medication in a self-determined manner in familiar surroundings, for example at home. The SensAIR On-Body Delivery Device can be adapted to medications of different viscosities and with different requirements. This applies to the size of the medical device as well as to the needle used, variable cartridge sizes and possible connectivity, for example to the patient's smartphone. Together with Gerresheimer's One-Stop-Shop quality promise, which includes a solution from the cartridge to the drug delivery device from a single source, SensAIR enables optimized delivery of biologics.

"Everyone benefits from SensAIR: patients, their relatives and also doctors. This device is an innovative medical device which, when worn on the body, delivers up to 20 ml of biologics subcutaneously to the patient," says Oliver Haferbeck, Head of the Advanced Technology & Innovation Unit at Gerresheimer and CEO of Sensile-Medical AG. He explains that patients gain significantly in quality of life because they can administer their medication themselves at home. The ready-to-use concept ensures that the patient does not have to carry out any lengthy and complicated preparation steps but can operate the device easily.

More quality of life for the patient

To date, many patients with a wide variety of indications have to endure long and stressful infusions in a hospital setting to treat their condition. How much easier would it be if patients could carry out the treatment at home? SensAIR makes life easier for these patients, as they can care for themselves over a longer period of time and - depending on the indication - only need to visit the doctor or hospital for check-ups.

SensAIR is an innovative product platform for the administration of large-volume and highly viscous biologics. The technology, function, design and construction of the platform were developed by Gerresheimer experts and the product is supplied from a single source.

A simple concept

The SensAIR drug delivery device is characterized by a simple concept which can be cost-effectively adapted to different needs, especially patient needs. Gerresheimer thus offers a platform solution which provides a wide range of options with regard to the biologic to be applied, starting with the drug flow rate (0.15-1.00 ml/min), through type (for example glass cartridge) and volume (up to 20ml) of the primary packaging, to connectivity.

With this focus, SensAIR is attractive to the market even with varying quantities of devices per year, as existing developments and processes can be adapted in the shortest possible time. The existing technologies and know-how, which have already proven themselves in the market, are consistently pursued in SensAIR. This is a significant advantage in terms of time-to-market, among other things by quickly enabling clinical trials.

Gerresheimer is therefore both a partner for the SensAIR device and a supplier and manufacturer of the primary packaging, i.e. the cartridge containing the active ingredient. This represents significant added value as a long-term partner and system supplier.

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