Gx MultiShell unites the properties of glass and plastic

Gerresheimer, the expert for glass and plastic, is showcasing innovative plastic containers for pharmaceutical applications at the PDA in Baltimore

Düsseldorf/Baltimore, April 24, 2015 – Every day, millions of people are treated with parenteral medications, such as precautionary vaccinations or injections and infusions for medical conditions. Gerresheimer supplies the pharmaceutical industry with vials and syringes in plastic and glass for a wide range of applications.

The product highlights on display at Gerresheimer’s booth no. 11 at the PDA in Baltimore include Gx MultiShell vials and Clearject syringes made of COP, which are ideal for parenteral medications, biopharmaceuticals and oncological drugs due to their special high-performance polymer structures.

“Excellent barrier properties and glass-clear transparency don’t necessarily rule each other out,” explained Franck Langet, Business Development Manager for North America, talking about the outstanding features of the two innovative products.

Gx MultiShell Vials protect their content by Gx MultiShell Vials protect their content by way of a sandwich or multilayer structure composed of cyclic olefin polymer plus a polyamide layer as an oxygen barrier.way of a sandwich or multilayer structure composed of cyclic olefin polymer plus a polyamide layer as an oxygen barrier. This protects sensitive pharmaceuticals against oxidation and water vapor, and the polyamide oxygen barrier increases their shelf life.

“The benefits for the pharmaceutical industry are higher efficiency and a more precise dosage during administration,” added Franck Langet.

Other products and product studies on display at the Gerresheimer booth are COP monolayer containers and a new generation of dispensing systems considering innovative features to improve drug treatment adherence and compliance like, pill counters, sound and visual effects, grinder devices, a system for micro-tablets, timers and calendar caps.

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GX and MultiShell are registered trademarks of the Gerresheimer Group. ClearJect is a trademark of Tasei Kako Co. Ltd.

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