Presentations from Gerresheimer experts at the Ready-to-Use Syringe Conference in Heidelberg

Düsseldorf/Heidelberg, February 9, 2015 – Gerresheimer is a recognized partner to the pharmaceutical industry supplying standard packaging solutions and patient-friendly drug delivery systems from cough medicine bottles to prefillable syringes. Two experts from Gerresheimer’s Technical Competence Center for prefillable syringes in Bünde will be talking about the latest developments in syringe manufacturing and in-process inspections at the conference.

Biologist Bernd Zeiss is Technical Support Manager at Gerresheimer. He specializes in prefillable syringe functionality studies, interactions between pharmaceuticals and their packaging, new products such as COP syringes and technical documentation. He will be presenting the latest developments in prefillable syringe manufacturing on the basis of the Gx RTF4 syringe production line at Gerresheimer Bünde.

Dr. Andrea Behrenswerth studied pharmaceutical engineering at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Science in Lemgo. Today she is Head of Quality Assurance at Gerresheimer Bünde. In her presentation she will be talking about in-process inspections in ready-to-fill syringe production. Last year an article by Dr. Behrenswerth on the occurrence, classification and avoidance of cracks in ready-to-fill syringes was published in the Pharmind magazine.

The fourth production line for ready-to-fill syringes, Gx RTF4, is currently being put into operation at Gerresheimer Bünde. Key process improvements include the avoidance of glass-glass and glass-metal contact through the use of pick-and-place robots and segment transport systems, optimized washing and siliconization processes and more effective, camera-based quality inspections. The optimized production process on the new line guarantees excellent quality ready-to-fill glass syringes.

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Gerresheimer Gx RTF4: the production line

Gerresheimer Gx RTF4: the production line

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