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DDF Summit 2023

Meet us at the DDF Summit 2023

Thinking about attending the Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit? Register now so you can visit us at our booth #1. Dr. Ingo Waschulewski, Katarzyna Maksymowicz MPharm, and Jan-Christoph Baitella are looking forward to welcoming you and presenting our Gx Inbeneo® autoinjector and Gx Sensair® on-body patch injector. Both devices are purpose-designed for subcutaneous self-administration of high-viscosity biologic drugs and can be quickly tailored to your specific needs.

31 May – 2 June, 2023
Maritim proArte Hotel, Berlin
Booth #1



Get hands-on experience

Get hands-on experience of our customizable platform solutions for high-viscosity, large volume biopharmaceuticals:

  • Gx Inbeneo® cartridge-based autoinjector was developed for simple patient usage and meets the needs of your biologic drug with features such as a dry needle design and push-on-skin activation
  • Gx SensAir® offers a host of features to support patient self-administration, including on-body detection, 1-button operation, and digital connectivity. It is also designed to help minimize waste and save energy through the supply chain

Hear expert insights

Hear from Dr. Sabine Websky, Head Medical Affairs & Applied Technologies, during her presentation at 10:00 CEST on June 1st, 2023.

She will discuss:

  • How to address the challenges of developing devices for subcutaneous self-administration of large volume and high viscosity medicines
  • How a patient-loading concept with reusable/disposable modules eases the supply chain and is more sustainable
  • The importance of early inclusion of patient perspective to ensure devices support patients, aid HCPs, and can be quickly tailored to specific therapeutic areas and associated biopharmaceuticals

Discuss how we collaborate

Discuss how we support efficient customization of our devices to your specific biopharmaceutical, for fast time to market, through:

  • A platform device concept which facilitates efficient adaptation to the required volume and viscosity of your drug
  • Our expertise in medical device development, manufacturing, and regulatory submission 


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