RTF Vials

Looking for additional flexibility in fill & finish? We are ready!

With our Gx ready-to-fill glass vials, you can fill faster and more reliably. Because we take care of washing, depyrogenation and sterilization for you. Thanks to our expanded global production capacities, we can supply you with RTF vials with short leadtimes and large quantities.

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Gain time

With Gx® RTF glass vials, you can fill faster. Because the process steps of washing, depyrogenation, sterilization and preparation are carried out entirely by us. We supply the Gx® RTF vials in sterile-packed Gerresheimer trays or in common EZ-Fill trays, or nests & tubs. Fast and also in large quantities.

Gain safety

Fewer process steps mean fewer risks. Washing and sterilizing bulk vials can lead to glass breakage and thus expensive delays in the filling process. With Gx® RTF glass vials, the filling and capping process can take place directly in the nested container without glass-to-glass contact, thus minimizing vial defects.

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Gain flexibility

Benefit from additional space in production by eliminating bulky equipment and react quickly to capacity fluctuations: A small series for tests or approval procedures or a sudden large order? With Gx® RTF glass vials available in a wide range of variants and at short notice, you can remain flexible.

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Gain profitability

Save on expensive investment, maintenance and validation costs for washing and sterilization systems and free up personnel resources. With Gx® RTF glass vials delivered ready to fill, you also reduce energy and disposal costs.

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Gain all along the line

Do you already know EZ-fill SmartTM, the new and innovative packaging platform for Gx® RTF vials? Benefit from reduced Total Cost of Ownership, lower process complexity and accelerated speed to market. The redesigned secondary packaging yields a significant reduction of particle risks during your operations, delivering improved quality.

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