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From Artificial Intelligence in production to customer contact

Excellence at Gerresheimer has many aspects and faces. It is just as visible in cooperation and contact with our customers as it is in the use of new technologies.

Best quality in production

Have you already seen our video on the use of artificial intelligence at Gerresheimer? If not, be sure to scroll back up to the top of this page and watch the video! Artificial intelligence and its use in industrial production is one of the hottest topics today. With the help of precise predictions, AI allows us to enhance the quality of our production by preventing potential problems before they even occur. Sensors and artificial intelligence, fed with data from our production, make it possible.

Cosmetic Goes Healthcare

Our excellent expertise for healthcare is becoming increasingly important for customers from another key industry: Beauty. More and more cosmetics companies are looking to healthcare trends for guidance and are expanding their product portfolios accordingly, placing significantly higher demands on the corresponding solutions. With the focus on healthcare increasing, the cosmetics industry is offering more and more complex applications for its customers. We can cater to these customer requirements perfectly thanks to our experience in both worlds — an important aspect of our formula g growth strategy. We are already a leader in the cosmetics market and are continuously expanding our position with high-quality solutions and products.

New Gerresheimer Website

At Gerresheimer, excellence is visible not only in the top quality of our products and services, but also in the way we provide information and communicate. In 2021, we fundamentally revised our homepage and social media channels in line with our new corporate design. The layout and menu navigation of the new website are designed in such a way that everything essential can be found quickly. The navigation structure makes it easy for customers, applicants, shareholders, and other interested parties to find the right information. Gerresheimer’s broad portfolio of products and solutions is now presented in four categories. As a result, users can start at the top menu level to quickly reach the pages that are relevant to them. In order to be able to recommend our products and services from our broad portfolio even more precisely to potential customers, we will make an innovative digital tool available on our website at the beginning of 2022.

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