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Commitment, innovation and collaboration are key. In 2020 we committed to a strong sustainability strategy with bold targets. Our 2021 results show that we have made good progress in translating our targets through clear roadmaps into measurable impacts.”

Scope 1 and 2 CO2-emission reduction compared to 2019


Share of electricity from renewable sources




Reduction in the global occupational injury rate compared to 2019


We have made a clear commitment: Sustainability is one of our five strategic targets. Our whole company is dedicated to achieving our strong sustainability strategy with bold targets, measurable KPIs, and clear deadlines that we published at the end of 2020.

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For us, a strong alignment and efforts to anchor our sustainability ambitions throughout the whole organization are the key to bringing this commitment to life.

In 2021, we strengthened the issue’s organizational anchoring through the continuous work of our Sustainability Council, as well as the integration of sustainability into all key decision-making processes and the remuneration of our Management Board members starting in 2022.

Creating transparency on the steps we take and the progress toward our targets is an important responsibility to our stakeholders. Robust reporting processes and reliable data processing, as well as the systematic development of implementation road maps, were at the center of our work in 2021.

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Becoming a more sustainable company means actively living up to our responsibility for environmental and social impacts. To achieve this goal, we need to challenge the status quo and do things differently. That is why sustainability and innovation go hand in hand for us. Rethinking the present and the future means challenging our internal processes and technologies, as well as the products and solutions we offer, and continuously improving them with regard to a variety of factors — including sustainability.

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Future technologies for glass manufacturing

The way to lightweight glass – CFD simulation of the glass molding process

The way to lightweight plastic packaging – Gerresheimer EcoLine

Our employees are the key drivers when it comes to rethinking our processes, products, and solutions. Many of the innovative ideas in our global Innovation Challenge 2021 incorporated elements of sustainability, illustrating the high relevance of the topic and our employees’ passion for sustainability.


Sustainability is all about collaboration. This makes it a complex, long-term journey, as well as a huge opportunity for closer collaboration with our customers.

We are a strong partner and solution provider that supports the sustainability ambitions of our customers by providing data and transparency in the value chain and co-creating more sustainable solutions and primary packaging for pharma, biotech, and beauty.

With our Gerresheimer EcoDesign Principles, we engage with our customers throughout the whole product development process in order to develop sustainable and circular product packaging systems.

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