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Leadership "We want to grow together as ONE Gerresheimer and live a common culture so that we can identify even more with Gerresheimer as an employer." Dietmar Siemssen, CEO

Value-based leadership as a success factor

Leadership and our values play a crucial role in successfully implementing our formula g growth strategy and the goals anchored in it.

Strong Foundation: our TRIBE Values

The way we understand our leadership culture at Gerresheimer and apply it to the organization is reflected in our TRIBE values: Teamwork, Responsibility, Integrity, Bold Innovation, and Excellence. We want our leaders to become role models for these TRIBE values. We believe that you can’t train behavior — you have to actively embody it.

To this end, we have developed a leadership program with our TRIBE values as its foundation and the associated leadership behaviors as its enablers.

Living Leadership Every Day

The aim of this program is to change our leadership culture in the long term and to ensure that our TRIBE values become increasingly visible at Gerresheimer and are lived by every day. The internal program is designed to make sure that cultural change is driven by the people within the Gerresheimer family with passion, commitment, and dedication. In keeping with this belief, we have implemented a train-the-trainer approach and nominated TRIBE leaders for each location worldwide to train local managers on site.

Together, we at Gerresheimer are on a mission to change our leadership culture, break down silos, and promote growth-mindset behaviors. This means constantly evolving, learning new things, and seeing setbacks as opportunities for improvement.

Feedback Culture

In order to ensure the quality of leadership at Gerresheimer, we conduct a major employee survey and a small pulse survey every year, alternating between the two. Based on the findings of the surveys, we derive and implement appropriate measures in partnership with employees. The surveys enable us to monitor our key management indicators and promote an open feedback culture. The survey examines, for example, the extent to which managers set clear goals and communicate them in a comprehensible way, whether they regularly provide useful feedback, and if they encourage their employees to develop and contribute new ideas. Thanks to numerous local measures, the participation rate increased from 66.2 % in 2020 to 77.8 % in the financial year 2021.

To continue ensuring high leadership quality in the future, we focus strongly on fostering internal talent. That is why we have introduced internal programs such as our Formula GT program for high-potential talent or the GxGo trainee program for young graduates. This approach ensures that our promising young managers receive the support they need to leverage their full potential at Gerresheimer.

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