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We will use the shift toward a more patient-centric healthcare system to contribute to the well-being of patients through innovative and intelligent solutions for the application and use of our products.

Innovation is a key driver for us and the guarantor of our future development. That is why Gerresheimer invests globally in innovation. We create the necessary structures, reward ideas, and encourage all colleagues worldwide to contribute their input. In 2021, we held our first global innovation competition. Over 350 ideas from all divisions and countries around the world were received and evaluated, with many of the projects now being implemented. Here are just a few of the innovative ideas that we are currently working on.


With our first autoinjector, we have combined several innovative concepts into one. First, the product is cartridge-based. As a result, it can be used to administer volumes of 1.5 to 3 ml of high-viscosity medicines, opening the door to completely different therapy options than with regular autoinjectors.

What is more, the autoinjector optimally rounds out our portfolio of solutions for the delivery of liquid medications, which already includes the micropump, prefillable syringes, and ready-to-fill vials.

An important factor is the partnership with Midas, which began in 2021. Together, we will develop the autoinjector to completion and maintain a uniform market presence, offering pharmaceutical companies both a top-of-the-line solution and the right services at the same time. All in all, the autoinjector is a prime example of innovation in three dimensions: Technology, portfolio, and market development.


We offer a variety of pump solutions for small-molecule drugs. However, we know that many therapies in the future will be based on drugs that contain large, bioengineered molecules. We are currently developing a pump system that meets the requirements for the optimal delivery of such biopharmaceuticals with large molecules.

We call our system SensAir. The system is a perfect addition to our portfolio that allows us to offer our partners the best solutions in the field of MAB (monoclonal antibody) administration.


With our Respimetrix inhalation attachment, Gerresheimer is breaking completely new ground.

The attachment is designed to fit a wide range of different inhalers. It measures the patient’s respiratory flow and displays it in digital form on the patient’s smartphone and for healthcare professionals.

This enables COPD and asthma patients to be optimally trained and accompanied in their therapy.

Gerresheimer will not only produce and market the device, but will also provide access and data to third parties such as disease management organizations. As a result, the attachment is more than just a new innovative product. It is also a digital and innovative business model.

Track & Trace

A revolution is taking place right now, and Gerresheimer is right in the middle of it. Industry 4.0 connects all dimensions and business areas of a digital value network. The clear identification of each individual product plays an indispensable role in doing so.

As the first link in the supply chain, we provide our primary packaging with an ID, thus enabling full traceability. We want to ensure that all partners in the supply chain benefit from our solution. Complete transparency makes product counterfeiting difficult, lets the pharma industry prevent potentially serious mix-ups with medicines, and enables the detection and elimination of sources of error in production. Last but not least, transparency and traceability are increasingly in demand among customers and regulatory authorities.

We have completed the first successful tests and are now in the process of setting up the in-house digital infrastructure. This will allow valuable data to be collected, linked to the individual products, and shared with all stakeholders across the entire value network.

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